Good Energy

Transitioning companies to 100% renewable energy and beyond.


Surprising Benefits

It's Cheaper

Renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels, and savings grow exponentially with time.

It's Less Risky

Lock in your electricity price as demand increases, and manage blackout risk.

Compliance Mandates

Fulfilling commitments like the RE100 are likely just the beginning of renewable energy legislation to come.

Massive Planetary Impact

Corporations in the commercial & industrial sector consume over 1/3rd of the world's energy.

The Challenge

The power needs of corporations are equivalent to entire countries. To convert to 100% renewable energy, this massive energy consumption must first be calculated.


Our Opportunity

Previously, there was only one option: pay the utility bill.  Now, we can directly connect our corporate clients to wind and solar projects. It’s much more viable for corporations to go in on larger RE projects when there are multiple buyers. Our platform identifies and aggregates demand. Together, brands can access cheaper cost of capital, Tier 1 renewable energy developers, de-risked energy procurement, and favorable contract terms due to scale when collaborating with other companies.

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Our Blog

In this series, we explain the basics of transitioning to renewable energy. We discuss emerging opportunities, options and impacts, and the process of implementing onsite or offsite solutions.

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